My Library Runneth Over: Ten Reasons I Can’t Stop Buying Books

And by reasons, I mean authors. Let’s blame them, shall we?

My home library
A small section of my library

You may have been expecting this list to contain Stephen King. You would not be wrong in assuming it might, but he’s not here (though 2/3 of his children are). Because I’ve read and paid for Gerald’s Game (I can’t get past that one scene), Dreamcatcher, The Tommyknockers, and Cell – I’ve since learned my lesson. King is occasionally less than stellar. Beware.

So who is on my auto-buy list? Technically no one, as I don’t generally engage in that type of bibliophilic consumerism. Only kidding, though I really don’t have an auto-buy list. I’m not even usually aware that authors are publishing new books (except for my very favorite), although I’m slowly becoming more cognisant of things like publisher catalogs (much to the detriment of my savings).

So, ten living authors I trust implicitly (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish)…

10. Bob Dylan. In honor of my recent post. I buy everything he writes. Literary music counts, right?

9. Joe Hill. I am limiting this to his novels and short stories. I love his comics too, but if I purchased everything he published, I’d be quite poor. NOS4A2’s coming this April – can’t wait.

8. Warren Ellis. Very, very funny if you have the right sense of humor. Right sense of humor can be defined as not easily offended. And hey, Joss Whedon’s a fan too.

7. Patrick deWitt. The world is peopled with morons – you might be one if you do not love The Sisters Brothers. I’m not serious, I love you all, even you romance and young adult readers.

6. Owen King. Okay, so he hasn’t actually published a novel yet. But it’s coming March 19 and it’s every bit as amazing as I plan on telling you – next week. Possibly the future Mr. Russo?

5. Richard Russo. My love affair with Mr. Russo started in 1997 and is still going strong.

4. Jeffrey Eugenides. Musings on suicide, intersex, and marriage plots. I’ll read whatever’s next.

3. Frank Bill. Working class heroes and donnybrooks, yes.

2. John Irving. I’ve spent who knows how many posts professing my love of John Irving, his levity, and his literary flights of fancy. You knew he’d be on this list.

1. Donald Ray Pollack. Please, for the love of whatever you consider holy, write another book Mr. Pollack. I am not above begging.

Honorable mentions: Chad Harbach and Ernest Cline. I assume I will buy whatever comes after The Art of Fielding and I know I’ll read Armada. Liza Klaussman too…

So whose book would you buy, no questions asked (or reviews read)?

40 thoughts on “My Library Runneth Over: Ten Reasons I Can’t Stop Buying Books”

    1. I know, it felt very wrong! I should clarify that I do read all of his new books, I just don’t always purchase them. Though I will say I rarely have to purchase them anyway, anytime it’s gift season I think the only author people remember I like is Stephen King – so they do most of the purchasing for me.


  1. I love the title of your post! And King has another writer in the family – wow! Such talent!
    And yes I 100% agree that Ernest Cline needs to hurry up and write another book. (OK you didn’t say that, but you know….)
    Great author recs!


    1. The whole King family has too much talent. Two novelist produced two more novelist and they are all very talented in their own right. So far (based on his one book) Owen King is my favorite – his novel Double Feature is amazing. Though Stephen King holds a special, if undefinable place in my heart.

      Armada/Ernest Cline looks to be a long ways out, as I understand it it was just picked up by Crown in December, so if we’re lucky maybe the end of this year…


    1. Richard Russo was one of the first authors I really fell in love with. He shaped the way I believe good literature is written (I have what I refer to as the big three: Russo, King, and Irving – they’ve defined my reading tastes for years).


    1. I applaud the naming choice. I once wrote an entire post of characters to name your kids after, sadly Dylan wasn’t on the list (only because I couldn’t think of a way to fictionalize him, though I do consider him mythical).


  2. I LOVE your title! I agree with your list although I don’t buy them on a regular basis. It makes me sad because I then go back and wonder why I didn’t know so and so had a book out.


    1. Thanks. I’m terrible about knowing when an author is publishing, though blogging has helped with that – now I just read everyone else’s most anticipated books list and I’m good. Though I do always know when the authors above are publishing (well at least half)…


  3. Oh I have forgotten all about writing a list. Will see if I can find time to do it. And yeah, that scene in Gerald’s Game is just nasty! When I read it years ago, it took me several days to read through those few paces because – nasty!


    1. I feel validated now that someone knows what I’m referencing – just…yuck. King almost never bothers me, from the necrophilia in Under the Dome to the toilet aliens in Dreamcatcher, but Gerald’s Game – that did me in.


      1. I Think that’s the worst thing I’ve ever read. Or at least in the top three – I have read some nasty thing about the Khmer Rouge too but this is the one scene that I think I would remember most vivid if I ever let myself think about it.


    1. I love your comments. They are straight to the point. Eugenides is brilliant, I adored The Marriage Plot even if few others did. Perhaps because my college experience was a bit like that (except for marrying a manic depressive genius)…


      1. LOL- sometimes I just have to bust out some enthusiasm, you know? I haven’t read the Marriage Plot yet, but Middlesex was sooooooooooo enthralling that it’s definitely on my (extensive) TBR list.


  4. Warren Ellis, love his stuff, I really need to read more! I’ve only read a couple Joe Hill things, like The Cape (the comic that was based on the story), but I really liked it and I want to read more. 🙂


    1. As far as novels go, I’ve really enjoyed both (Gun Machine and Crooked Little Vein) if you haven’t read them.

      Heart-Shaped Box is my favorite Joe Hill and currently on sale for $1.99/kindle edition.


  5. Definitely agree with Jeffrey Eugenides, he made my list too. And I didn’t include Chad Harbach, but I loved The Art of Fielding and I will no doubt end up reading anything else he writes. I also remembered that I left Donna Tartt off my list, but I am mega excited for her new novel!


    1. I’ve been excited for that Donna Tartt book for years now, I’m impressed there is finally a release day – though I remain worried that it’ll get pushed back again.

      And who knew there would be so many Eugenides fans this week. My faith in the reading world has been slightly restored.


  6. Oh I’m so crazy excited for NOS4A2 it’s not even funny. I may have to plan a vacation day. Or slack off real bad at work. Haven’t decided. 🙂
    Alright, you’ve convinced me, The Sister’s Brothers is now on my TBR.
    I love your library! At least yours has some semblance of order. Mine is a complete nightmare, but I love it. 🙂


    1. The semblance of order is all an illusion, but thank you all the same. Read The Sisters Brothers and let me know what you think. It was probably the book I pushed most on people last year.

      I wish books weren’t released on Tuesdays (NOS4A2 included). It would be much more convenient if they were released on Thursdays (the start of my weekend) and naturally I believe the world should conform to what’s convenient for me.


    1. It is and thank you, though normally it certainly doesn’t look that neat. It’s good that the rest of it isn’t showing, there is almost always some part under construction/renovation. Someday it will all be finished and then I will have so much time on my hands that I won’t know what to do with myself…


    1. Do it! I have a guest room. I love spying on peoples libraries, it’s generally very telling. Of course, if someone judged me solely on my library, they might consider me deranged. 🙂


    1. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to have any sort of library – it was one of the reasons I bought this house (which was a total dump when I bought it, it took me about two years to refinish that particular room).

      I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Double Feature and I absolutely loved it. Barring some REALLY extraordinary books coming out, it will be one of my favorite books this year.


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