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Now Reading Blondes Ice

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last Now Reading post with zero posts in between. For shame. I don’t know where the time went. Well I do, but I don’t, if that makes sense. Work stress, deadlines, so on and so forth. This week I have blogging plans though. I already have my Tuesday post written (who have I become?!) and I’ve got a tentative plan for Thursday. After wrapping up both Deadline and Beneath the Bonfire, I started reading The Blondes. I’m having a hard time with it*, but I think if you go in expecting a totally unrealistic, B-movie worthy plot you might like it (blondes, even fake ones, are at risk of contracting a rabies like disease that turns them in to killers). I’ve also been pouring over the new Schoolhouse Electric catalog (in its entirety online, you’re welcome). I almost wish I was kidding, but their design aesthetic is drool worthy. Even though I only own a few pieces by them, their quality and customer service is amazing. For anyone interested in a Scandinavian influenced, vintage schoolhouse-esque furniture and lighting company, check them out. I rounded out the week with In the Kingdom of Ice, which is part of my (tentative) Thursday plan.

It’s Monday, May 4th**, what are you reading?

*Yet as I type this, I am halfheartedly watching the dreadful Fool’s Good with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. And I’m mildly enjoying all the camp, so clearly my taste is questionable.
**It’s impossible to resist may the fourth be with you.

13 thoughts on “Now Reading…”

  1. Poor me, I’m only reading text books at the moment (I have an exam this week and I am STRUGGLING in a major way in this subject…).


    1. I’m hoping the The Blondes improves for me if I go in with the right attitude. I like campy, B-movie stuff, so it seems like it should be a good fit… We’ll see!


  2. Schoolhouse Electric’s design aesthetic is definitely drool worthy. I’m reading Faithful Place by Tana French (great), just started All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Droerr (so beautifully written), and of course, listening to another Kurt Wallander mystery (because my week wouldn’t be complete without some Nordic crime).


    1. Schoolhouse Electric! I love them, but not the cost (sometimes I do act like a grown up and save up for a nice piece, but I’m not always that patient).

      I have All the Light We Cannot See sitting at home, but I feel like I need to prepare myself for it!


    1. Like you (I think), I picked up my copy at BEA a year ago. It’s been sitting neglected, but I got to thinking to would pair well with a fiction novel I love, so I thought I’d give it a try. So far, so good…


  3. The premise of The Blondes is pretty hilarious sounding. Have heard mixed things about it though. Oh man. That Schoolhouse Electric stuff is so darn neat.


    1. I keep thinking I want to love it, because it’s exactly the sort of thing I typically love. But I hate Hazel (main character) and not in the love to hate kind of way.


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