Five Things

Of the bookish and not so bookish variety.

Weeded Library Books(When I remember my inane desire to produce meaningful content on my blog, I’m going to remind myself that someone once wrote The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection. And it was published. At least it was weeded, eventually. So I need to stop being so wary about hitting publish on my personal blog and let go of the self-doubt.)

01. As I mentioned time and again, I really struggle with the idea of having meaningful content here. Lately, especially when I don’t feel like I have anything “important” to say , I just close my browser and never actually post. Blogging should not involve this much stress. Leah’s post inspired me to reconsider and maybe make some changes.

02. Speaking of stress, I rarely get actually annoyed over stupid online articles, but this one on maternity leave pushed all my buttons. The writer wants to have a maternity leave without having a baby, because it’s a great time to decompress and engage in some deep self-reflection, then you go back to work refocused and recharged. Excuse me while I roll my eyes. I think she’s confusing maternity leave with a vacation and/or a sabbatical, because having a human somehow expelled from your body and then not sleeping for six weeks to three months (unpaid!) is clearly everyone’s idea of a good time. One of my major issues with the US is the maternity policy, if you couldn’t tell.

03. This Sweet Valley High article is worth resharing (via Kate). I’d love to pretend I’ve always been a discriminating reader, but I love Nancy Drew and Elizabeth and Jessica (perfect teenage specimens that they were). The Babysitter’s Club also had a good grip on me for a while.

04. Is anyone else completely incapable of using a slow cooker? I’ve failed more times than I can count with everything except for applesauce. All that money I’ve wasted on foods that have turned to mush. Potential next failure? Chicken Parmesan.

05. I’ve temporarily give up being gluten free and it’s the best damn thing ever (due, essentially, to chronic illness and not wanting to eat anything besides toast, though I’m now moderately better). I cannot explain my love for pasta and cupcakes, but if I could, you’d be scared. In other news, I’ve stopped stepping on my scale.

Join in and say hi over at Bookishly Boisterous. Does anyone else just feel done with being serious lately? I think once you realize that a man like Donald Trump could actually be president because some of your fellow countrymen support him, well, it’s time for pasta, cupcakes, and Sasquatch. Because the world has clearly become ridiculous. 


12 thoughts on “Five Things”

  1. I can send you some excellent recipe pins for the crockpot that are foolproof and that we’ve really enjoyed. Be on the lookout.


  2. HATED that article (which was also bait since she has a book coming out, right?).

    Also, I haven’t stepped on a scale (aside from a doctor’s office scale, with my eyes averted), for more than ten years. Recommended for mental health.


    1. It was totally bait! But I don’t know that it’s working quite the way she intended. Or maybe it is. Her book is getting press, but people are tearing it apart.

      I stand backwards on my doctor’s scale. I can’t look.


  3. I think you should just write whatever the hell you want to. But I should probably not talk, since I struggle with wanting to be more personal but then remembering that I have some students and colleagues that read.

    As far as the slow cooker, I usually use it for soups, but with it heating up I’ll probably not use mine for awhile. Except I do BBQ chicken in it for sandwiches or whatever- a couple of breasts, half a bottle of sauce, and a tablespoon of ranch, on high for a few hours and then on low for a few hours. Works every time!


    1. It’s similar for me. My husband is social media averse, so that’s out, I don’t want to post too much about my children, so that’s out, my colleagues are SUPER social media savvy (stupid librarians), so that really limits what I can share. So basically I feel like the blog turns into a total whine fest because of so many off limit subjects (not really, but kind of…).


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