IT by Stephen King // Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees ITThe idea behind this exercise is to connect books in any way that’s meaningful to you, from the profound to the inane. Although Kevin Bacon is typically behind the six degrees game, books are just a bit more fun. And finally, FINALLY, it’s one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. IT by Stephen King. There are so many places this chain could go.

IT by Stephen King was recently made into a rather fantastic movie (the first of two parts). It starred Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, but the role I primarily know him in is Roman from Hemlock Grove. The next connection is of the visual sort.

Hemlock Grove and Young God by Katherine Faw Morris have similar covers, but completely different styles and genres. Young God is…sparse. To say the least. There’s not quite enough story to support Morris’ debut, but it had the promise of good grit lit, in the vein of Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone.

Whenever it’s winter, I long for summer, and Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters is one of my favorite “summer” novels. I read it years ago, and the story has stuck with me, similar to Travis Mulhauser’s SweetgirlIt is the story of survival, and to bring this full circle, The Stand by Stephen King is one of my favorite tales of surviving against all odds. I still wonder about Frannie and Stu and wish them well.

I’m slipping this particular post in just under the wire (care to join in?), as it’s almost January and time for a new chain. I’ve got big plans to visit this space more than once every other month. Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “IT by Stephen King // Six Degrees of Separation”

  1. Hello! New look blog?? Is Fourth Street Review no more?

    You know how I feel about King (scared) and you know how I feel about Blume (love) – so happy they’re in the same chain.

    Happy reading in 2018. K xx


  2. I don’t know about Fourth Street. It’s still up, and attached to my self-hosting I pay for (it’s paid up through February). This one is on the free site, and it might be nice to just migrate totally to it and stop having to worry about domain/hosting renewals and such.

    I still have faith that On Writing will work for you.


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